“He who works with his hands is a laborer.  He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.  He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

                                                                                                        - Saint Francis of Assisi

We believe that we're impacted by the buit environment, and we aim to improve those relationships.  We're dedicated to making great space.  Our goal is to enhance all places and interactions through purposeful structure and finely crafted detail.  


Great building – be it big or small, stairs or a stool, a dwelling or a door – all starts with great design.  So we offer up a host of services to handle early planning stages.  We tackle this through various relationships with some great local architects and artisans, and we also dabble a bit in design when requested.  We’ve developed a small fan base for our blend of traditional and modern design, so if you’d like, we’ll do what we can to help out.  Our unique and comprehensive understanding of high performance, healthy, sustainable housing also gives the opportunity to provide consulting services to outside projects seeking to build better.  Just drop us a line to see if your project is a good fit for any of our early work and we’ll be happy to see what we can do.


Already have an architect or a plan and looking to build or renovate?  We’ve got the capability to tackle virtually any residential or light commercial building project and take it through to completion.  We provide general contracting services and an in-house staff of carpenters and managers to handle just about any restoration, renovation, or new construction project that comes our way.  We specialize in unique, unorthodox, and difficult building projects – integrating new with old, meeting rigorous performance metrics that far exceed code, and complex historic restorations keep our minds clear and our chisels sharp.  more


We’ve grown a bit since our early days as two young guys with a van and a vision for creating better housing.  But we still hold to those early principles that for something to last, it must be loved, and that all we do should be done with an understanding that our actions reverberate through our broader community.  So the crew that we are today still pours its heart into our projects, believing that we can always improve, and always look to exceed the expectations of those who work with us.  Founders Mike Stoner and Jesse Pellman, LEED® AP still do a lot of the same things – building, dreaming, sanding, and sawing, but have also been fortunate enough to have been joined by some great friends and craftsmen to help further that original goal of building better.  Of crafting sustainability.


Well before this company started, when Longview Structures was just a dream, we were talking about green building.  Or more precisely, we were talking about what sustainable construction looked like when juxtaposed to the gaps, inefficiencies, waste, and generalized indifference to longevity that seems to dominate the mainstream building industry.  We were, and continue to be dedicated to the idea that big impacts don’t need to have big footprints, nor does a world class building mean degradation to the surrounding environment.  So we decided we’d take a new approach to construction.


We dive deep.  That means fewer opportunities for communication gaps between client, architect, builder, contractor, foreman, sub-contractor.  So we’re on the job, start to finish, concept to completion whenever we can.  Starting at the very beginning, we collaborate with architects and designers to make sure we’ve got things ironed out and ready to go.  We took a look back at the earliest homes built and saw that the truly great ones were craftsmen built – craftsmen with an uncompromising eye for detail, aesthetic, and functionality who played a vital role in every aspect of the job and fully understood the construction process.  So we strive to do the same – to be fully aware of the design intent through the smallest of construction details and the intricacies of building science so there won’t be any missed details, miscommunications, or quality lapses.   more


We believe that sustainability goes beyond the individual spaces and things we build, restore, and renovate.  That’s why we donate thousands of dollars every year to valuable organizations in our community and abroad – things like local bicycle racing teams and the Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network to disaster relief across the globe, and to clean water efforts in the developing world.  Why?  Because sustainable housing needs to be surrounded by a great and sustaining community.  We believe we need to take care of each other, as well as our natural and built environment.  So we provide our employees with great health insurance and vacation time in an effort to promote an equitable workplace.  We aim for open communication and transparency in our billing and finances with our subcontractors and our clients, often working with time and material contracts so that everything remains above the table – no secret markups, no fine print, and no surprises.  To us, sustainable construction is just one facet of a sustainable life.


Relationships are the heart of our business, and the center of what we do  – we’re always more interested in cultivating a relationship than a contract, and we’ve seen time and time again that when those priorities are flipped, the end result leaves everyone with a bitter taste.  To avoid that, we subscribe pretty heavily to the concepts above.  Plus, sustainable building and green housing are rapidly moving from novelty to necessity.  Particularly here in Lancaster County where we’re based, its the beautiful, rural landscape alongside the hip urban centers that help make this place so appealing, and if we don’t take steps to maintain that natural environmental beauty, it will be lost and our grandchildren may never know what we were so privileged to experience.   So by moving ahead and not just building ‘green’ buildings, but smart, common sense sustainable homes, we can help protect our ecosystems and agrarian history, improve air and water quality, reduce waste headed to landfills, lower operating expenses for the home, and contribute to the overall quality of life here in Lancaster and all the places that are home.  Because the sustainable homes we build today can be the generational heirlooms of tomorrow.