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We believe that big impacts come in all shapes and sizes, and that a world-class building needs to respect its surrounding environment. 


We’ve seen that truly great structures are craft built – crafters with an uncompromising eye for detail, aesthetic, and functionality, who play a vital role in every aspect of the job and fully understand the construction process.  We strive to do the same – from preconstruction through the smallest details of every project, from the intricacies of building science to tried-and-true heritage methods – we put our comprehensive understanding of high performance, sustainable housing to work so there won’t be any missed details, miscommunications, or quality lapses.


We have the capability to tackle virtually any residential or light commercial building project and take it through to completion.  We provide general contracting services and an in-house staff of carpenters and managers to handle just about any new construction project that comes our way.  

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