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Located on the west end of Lancaster City, this project started as a request for a private master suite and retreat for the owners.  Our solution was to go up - taking the third floor for a new master suite, we created a new private bath and did our best to drench the space in natural light by adding new windows and a skylight, as well as some very cool 3-Form resin panels for interior glazing making the original stairwell a giant light shaft through the center of the home.  Secluded outdoor space isn't the easiest to come by in the City, so a new yacht stair now accesses a small roof deck to command views of the west end of town.  Working in the tight space, took a Euro approach to bathroom design and constructed a series of custom sliding doors to conceal new storage cabinetry, an antique dresser, and integrated the vanity at the end of the cabinet run to maximize the usability of space.  Soy-based spray foam insulation, non-toxic paints and finishes, daylighting, outdoor access, and water conserving fixtures were a few of the sustainability highlights of the job.
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